7pm-Montreat Conference Center, Arts, Recreation, and Worship Conference, Comedy night DVD recording-time and date subject to change (will be week of May 7-12)

7pm-United Methodist Recovery Program fundraiser, opening for Kay Dodd. Details to come.

7:30PM Dayton Funnybone, Hosting for Preacher Lawson. $25.00 tickets-Click blue button on left for tickets.

7pm- Maranatha Worship Centre 451 Wolfe Road Trotwood, OH

7PM-St. Patrick School Fundraiser, London OH. Tickets $20.00 Visit blue button link for school website.

Dwight is a full-time Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor serving a congregation in Springfield Ohio.  He performs clean comedy with church related themes.  He can preach a sermon about the good news of Jesus Christ, give an inspirational speech, or deliver a stand-up comedy set. His aw shucks playful style is sprinkled with a multicultural and educated awareness. Even Dwight doesn't know exactly what that means. You won't want to miss his show!

About Dwight